Autumn and Progress


I celebrated the first official day of Autumn with my co-workers at our annual Autumn-Fest. It was a little chilly, but we had fun frolicking in the pumpkin patch and feeding chickens. These photos were taken on some Kodak Max 400 film that I got for free at a flea market. It could have been expired, it could have been damaged, but it was free so I gave it a try. I developed it with the Unicolor C-41 kit.

So, I am happy to report I am making a good deal of progress on my goals. As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I created 4 Simple Goals before 2013. I have kicked my soda habit and now only occasionally enjoy one. I would say it's down to once a week, which is better than I expected in such a short time. I immediately started washing my hair less, and although I hate day 3 of "lived in" hair, hopefully my head will begin to get used to it. I haven't had much "downtime" to enjoy, however I was sick earlier in the week and I was able to just relax and watch I Love Lucy reruns without feeling too guilty. It's still a struggle and I did work on my Halloween decorations a little, but overall I think I succeeded in "enjoying" my downtime (enjoy might not be the right word since I felt like crap, but you get the idea). Unfortunately, I haven't taken any Polaroids since I set that goal. I definitely need to devote some energy to that.

As for my goal of creating 150 journals before Renegade next summer, I have been thinking a lot about new types of books to make, but haven't sat down to make any in several days. Sometimes you need a break, and I don't think I have fallen too far behind yet. 

♥ Jessica