One Simple Goal Reached!

One of my four simple goals before the end of the year is up was to experiment with a new form. At the studio, a few people were making casserole dishes. Annie showed me how to make small ones. I am very pleased with how they turned out. Thanks Annie for showing me the steps!
First, you throw rings on the potter's wheel. When they are leather hard you can stretch them into oval shapes.
Next, you roll out a slab. Let the slab and the rings dry to leather hard.
Then, you score and slip the two pieces together and make small coils to enforce the joint inside the cassorole dish. Lastly, you add handles. 
Here are some stacked ready to be glazed.
The final pieces are out of the kiln.
I am happy with my glaze choices, I stuck with the classics.
I plan on baking banana bread in them. Yum.