An Interview with Sarah, the pottery cousin:

Connecticut Beauty

Tell us a little about yourself.
Arizona Beauty
Photography by Jessica

I was born and raised in Connecticut. Although I can appreciate the beauty of Connecticut now I didn’t always think that. I always wanted to be in the rays of the sun. I watched the weather channel at a young age and saw that the warmest part of the country was Arizona. I have lived in Arizona now for thirteen years. I love the open sky, the warm rays, the palm trees and cactus, and the huge ceramic community here in the valley of the sun. Besides making ceramics, I love to read, spend many hours exploring old and new bookstores, swimming, biking, watching day time t.v., taking naps, drawing pictures with my husband and traveling all over the world.
Why did you start making ceramics?
My mom is a huge advocate for the arts. At a young age she signed my up for many different classes. When I reached high school she found a ceramics class that I of course was willing to try. It was love at first. I love to be messy and clay was made for me. Lois was my teacher and the sweetest lady I ever did know. She encouraged me to try the potter’s wheel and hand build anything I thought up. She said yes to everything. She even asked me to assist her with the kids classes. I’m so glad she did, because it helped me improve my craft of clay. I also feel in love with teaching kids and now I teach art.
Where does your inspiration come from when creating your art?
My inspiration comes from many different venues. When I go to a restaurant I am the one lifting up every cup, bowl, plate to see how it was made. I love to browse books, magazines and my husbands drawings to see what kind of forms and designs I want to explore. My favorite ceramic artist is Karen Karnes, so I look to her for ideas. My ceramic community inspires me to be a better artist and person. I attend many art shows and love to look to other art forms to spark ideas too.
What tools do you use for your craft that you can’t live without?
I can not live without clay, a potter’s wheel, and a kiln.
What are your best tips for managing your time between making ceramics and the rest of your life?
I make lists. Lists help me be organized and help me remember those ideas I came up with at 3:00 in the morning. I work as a full time art teacher so to make time for my art I have to schedule it or I would never do it.
What are your three favorite blogs?
Jealous Curator -thejealouscurator
I love this website because I feel like I am viewing a wonderful virtual art exhibit. It exposes me to artists I would never see.
Beautiful Mess-abeautifulmess
Jessica told me about this blog and I love it! It is exactly that, a beautiful mess.
I love how this artist takes photographs, and to find out that she recently moved to Arizona makes me giddy.
Name three websites you couldn’t live without.

Vases made by Sarah

The first two websites are great for ceramic articles. The third one is great resource for art teachers.
What is your favorite snack?
Strawberry Popsicles from Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value
What are your favorite movies?
Desk Set, Monster-In-Law, and Stealing Beauty


  1. I loved reading this bc I know a lot of it. Love the blog!! Keep it up and thanks for sharing


  2. Hello Jenny,
    Thanks for the kind words! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just went into my gmail account and saw you comment! Just checked out your blog, your house looks great! Sarah