An Interview with Jessica, the bookbinding cousin:

Tell us a little about yourself.
I have been making art for as long as I can remember. I have a strange obsession with learning how to make things from scratch. It isn’t enough to learn how to crochet, I need to learn how to make yarn starting at the sheep. I enjoy a plethora of crafts, but my favorites are photography and bookbinding. I think that is because there is so much to learn about them that I never get bored. When I’m not crafting I like to read and watch TV.

Why did you start making books/journals?
It’s a little odd. I was reading a book and one of the characters was re-binding an old book. It was just a few sentences, and had little to do with the plot, but I got the idea stuck in my head that I wanted to be able to do that. While researching it, I discovered all these wonderful artists binding books by hand. I decided to learn that first. I still haven’t graduated to re-binding. Maybe someday.

Where does your inspiration come from when creating your books/journals?
Mostly from the papers I find/buy. The patterns or colors tend to dictate to kind of book I make.  I also like to browse the handbound books on Flickr for inspiration. 

What tools do you use for your craft that you can't live without?
A bone folder is necessary to get a nice sharp crease in the paper. A needle is used to sew the signatures (stacks of folded pages) together. Binder clips are great for holding a book together while I work. And paper… lots of paper. It isn’t really a tool, but I can’t live without it.

What are your best tips for managing your time between bookbinding and the rest of your life?
I have a full-time job that isn’t at all craft related, so I dedicate an hour or two each night after dinner for bookbinding (or other crafts). I usually craft on my couch while I catch up on my TV programs. Sometimes I get to devote more time to crafting on the weekends, but I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) not to let my current project draw me in when I have other responsibilities. 

What are your three favorite blogs?
I read a lot of blogs, but the three that I read every day are A Beautiful Mess, The Dainty Squid, and Love Elycia. I really enjoy each of these blogger’s personal style.

Name three websites you couldn't live without.
I use the Massive Developing Chart at Digital Truth a lot, so I would probably mess up a lot more rolls of film without it. I also find YouTube a great resource for craft tutorials. If you want to learn how to do something, there is probably a youtube video out there to teach you.  And of course Google, because I won’t take on any new craft project without thoroughly Googling it.

What is your favorite snack?
Hmmm. That is a hard one. I like a lot of snacks, but I guess I would say Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Strips and Medium Salsa. I love that stuff!

What are your three favorite movies?
#3 The Empire Strikes Back
#2 The Royal Tenenbaums
 #1 Blade Runner


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