Holiday Craft Photo Dump

Another holiday season has come and gone. As usual, I couldn't help but get crafty for Christmas. I made several books as gifts (and forgot to photograph most of them). I also made cinnamon ornaments which is a simple fun way to dress up your presents. So, here is a few snapshots of my holiday crafting. 
I'm only a little obsessed with the A Beautiful Mess photo app, as you can see. If you are interested in the recipe for the cinnamon ornaments, you can google it and find about a thousand variations. Mine was roughly a cup of cinnamon, 1/3 cup apple sauce, and 2 tbs Elmer's Glue, but there are many different versions to suit your needs. 

How were your holidays? Did you make/receive any handmade gifts this year?

♥ Jessica

Pottery Sale Today! Rain or Shine at Changing Hands Bookstore

Come by today, November 24th, at Changing Hands Bookstore from 10-4 to see my new pottery!

Thanks! See you today.