Coptic Bound Art Journal

Books with exposed spines aren't my favorite because I think they look unfinished, but I will admit they serve a purpose. A coptic bound journal with an exposed spine lays flat, which makes it ideal for Art Journals. 

The first step in making this journal was making the "signatures." I tore large sheets of Canson watercolor paper down to size. I like the deckled-edge look of torn paper. They were then folded in half along the paper's grain.

Paper grain direction is very important in bookbinding. If you would like more information, check out this tutorial over at My Handbound Books (my favorite bookbinding blog).

Once my signatures were folded, I cut two pieces of cardboard to the right shape. 

Since I would be sewing the covers right to the signatures, I covered them with paper and punched holes in them. 

Next, I punch holes in the signatures using an awl.

Then I sew everything together. I also glue the spine with clear flexible bookbinding glue. This step isn't necessary, but I like to reinforce the spine.


I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell!

♥ Jessica


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