So... I thought I took some "Before" pictures of this old Hoyle book before I re-bound it. Oops. 

As I mentioned in my Interview, I have always wanted to learn to rescue old books. So, this is my first attempt. 

The book was published in the 1940s, and in the intervening years, the cover had become a bit worn, and the spine had gone all wonky. I deconstructed it, leaving the signatures sewed and glued together. I re-shaped the spine and reinforced it. I then sewed headbands, added a bookmark, and attached a new cover with decorative endpapers. 

I decided to do a simple embroidered title on a cloth cover. 

For those of you who don't know, Hoyle books contain all the rules to card games, so although this book is old, it is still a great resource because the rules to most card games don't change much.

♥ Jessica


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