Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles 2013


Almost a year ago Jessica and I started this blog, They Call Us Crafty. We joined forces to showcase our craft; ceramics and bookbinding. This blog has given me support to think about my craft, how to photograph my work and to receive support from our followers. We decided to create this blog to enter in the 2013 summer Renegade Craft Fair in  Los Angeles. We found out that we did not get in. The frustrating part is, we don't know why. The fair sends out a general letter. Of course I felt rejected and upset. I have had some time to sit with it and I realize that sometimes it is about the journey, not the end result. I am happy I started this blog with one of my favorite people in the whole world. Jessica inspires me everyday and it has been such a wonderful time communicating with each other and others this way. We plan on continuing this blog and we hope you continue to read. I plan on gaining skills on how to take better pictures of three-dimensional work and I look forward to sharing my ideas with you. Thanks for reading and spreading the word of our blog!


  1. I've enjoyed reading so I'm glad you'll keep at it! And you know we love having you here for our teeny tiny yearly holiday sale, so they are missing out by not having you at Renegade!

  2. So, I was just browsing back through our blog and I stumbled across this post. That second picture is the reason I love photography. It really is worth a thousand words. Maybe not to anyone else, but it is to me. Look at your outfit! Those Nikes are stylin' with their fun laces. No wonder you look so happy. I would totally wear that outfit today. Then there is me. I would like to point out to our readers that I didn't pick out my own clothes as a child. A corduroy dress, tights, and patent leather shoes... and what was with my haircut? No wonder I look so uncomfortable. Also, look at that car! I still think of that as your dad's car. Perfect 70s brown. I wish I had a car like that today!