Handbound Scrapbooks

On June 1st I will be attending a charity event which I also helped to organize. The Morning Glory Evening of Chance will be a fantastic night out where you can play casino games for charity and enter raffles for some fabulous prizes. My contribution to the raffle is going to be a scrapbooking kit with a hand bound scrapbook. 

The best way to bind a scrapbook or photo album is called sidebound, or Japanese stab-binding. Individual pages (as opposed to folded signatures) are sewn to the cover as pictured above. The covers are hinged to make them easier to open. Each scrapbook page is 8x8" with a 1" spine.

Spacers are added along the spine so that the final book (after all the photos and embellishments are added) isn't too big. 

The back cover has a pocket to keep things like stickers. I will be including this fun set of casino stickers for the winner to scrapbook our casino night.

If you live in the area, and want to support a great cause, please come out to the Morning Glory Evening of Chance. It promises to be a fun time!

♥ Jessica


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