4 Simple Goals Before 2013 Recap

Happy New Year Everyone! As you may remember, back in September, Elsie at A Beautiful Mess invited her readers to create four simple goals to accomplish before 2013. Sarah outdid me and totally accomplished her goals with time to spare. I think I did o.k. accomplishing my goals.

Goal #1 accomplished! This was the easiest goal. I just didn't drink as much soda. My Coke a day habit is a thing of the past, and I now only enjoy the occasional soda. My reward for this goal was to buy a new dress. I'm going to hold off on that one until I see one that I absolutely must have.

Goal #2 just barely accomplished. I got a new Polaroid 300 for Christmas which is much easier to shoot with, so since Christmas day I have taken a lot of pictures. I still love my 101 and will continue to shoot with it as much as I can.

Goal #3 ???? I'm not sure if I accomplished this one. I was doing the whole No Poo thing (washing my hair every few days with baking soda) but I just couldn't get it right. I recently switched to Hair One which is sulfate free and free of short chain alcohols (long chain alcohols are supposedly good for your hair). So, technically I haven't "shampooed" my hair since I switched, but I am using Hair One daily. My hair is thicker and doesn't break like it used to, which was my ultimate goal in washing my hair less. I am also putting less strange chemicals on my head, which is a bonus. I guess I would say that I sort-of accomplished this one.

Goal #4 accomplished. I was taught that when you are meditating you treat your intruding thoughts like a small excited child. You acknowledge the thought then tell it "not now" rather than trying to force it away. This is how I decided to enjoy my downtime. When I was trying to relax and a thought like "you could be accomplishing something" came into my head I would tell myself "yes, I could, but now is not the time." It totally worked and I only felt a little guilty about it.

I guess this brings us to the New Years resolution part of the post. I don't like resolutions, and I tend not to make them, but I do have goals for 2013, most importantly to do Renegade this summer.

Did you accomplish your goals in 2012? What are your goals for 2013?

♥ Jessica


  1. Hey ladies!!! You've been given the Liebster award. Check out my post: http://annesimagery.com/2013/01/10/liebster-award-2013/

  2. I like your goal #4 a lot, I have the same problem, I can rarely just sit and relax! I've reconciled that by crocheting while watching TV, my crazy brain can still feel like it's doing something but it's nothing too hard haha