The Big Heap

On Sunday we went to the first year of  The Big Heap in Cave Creek Arizona. My friend Megan told me about it and it was such a treat! To be honest I was expecting wonderful treasure but the prices would be too high for my wallet. Wow, what a nice surprise to find treasure I could bring home to my lovely apartment.

All the vendors were unique and fabulous.

The booths were fun to enter and see what people had to offer. Some people brought their airstreams, others had tents set up like this person.

Here in this spot they had an auction. Everything in this picture was part of the auction.

In the background you can see the mountain they drop all the snakes on when they are found in town. The snake lady comes and collects them in a bucket and then drives them up and sets them free. She told me they usually never come back to town.

Here is my coffee table I bought at The Big Heap for forty bucks! I love it to pieces!! I have been looking all year for a coffee table to fit our living room.

It already getting good use with my magazines and books on it.