Book Review Handbuilt Ceramics

I consider myself a ceramic artist who spends the majority of my time at the potter's wheel. When I started teaching ten years ago I found I needed to become a better handbuilder. I found this book Handbuilt Ceramics by Kathy Triplett(Buy Here Handbuit Ceramics ) This book has great images of some handbuilding projects to do with a wide range of ages. I loved making the stiff slab windowsill planter. The author shows step-by-step illustrations on how to build it. Being an artist, I am a visual learner, so I Iove the instructions in pictures. My second favorite project is the extruded and slab teapot. This is the project that is on the cover of the book. I like how different and unique this teapot is. It is not functional which makes the project to me fun because you don't have to woory about if it is going to drip, be properly balanced, or easy to clean. By becoming a better handbuilder I can now take my skills as a thower and combine handbuilding and throwing together to make some great artwork.


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