Together Again

Sarah and I usually blog two timezones apart, but this week we get to do it together! Yesterday Sarah shared her pictures from our day in NYC, so today I'm bringing you mine. 

The Strand bookstore is one of my favorite places to visit in the city. Floor after floor of books. My favorite is the second floor because it has the kids, YA, and art books. 

I think my favorite stop was the Evolution store. It's like a natural history museum that you can take home with you (for a pretty penny). 

Check out this GIANT Moleskine notebook and Blick art supplies. It has inspired me to make a giant book.

The AFA NYC gallery had a Brian and Wendy Froud exhibit. They are the awesome artists behind movies like Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal. My mom and I have several of Brian's books and it was very cool to see their art in person. AFA also had art by Tim Burton and Doctor Seuss.

Purl Soho was so colorful (and crowded). I just wanted to touch all the yarn. One of my few purchases of the day was some Inkodye at Purl Soho. I can't wait to try it out. 

Grand Central Station is always bustling. This is the view from the Apple Store. Soon after we boarded our train and headed home. It's always fun to visit the city.

♥ Jessica


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