More Journals

I'm falling a bit behind on my bookbinding goal, but I have been very focused and motivated this week, so perhaps I can catch up.

On the bottom of this pile is a moleskine-style book. The inside is graph paper, it has a ribbon bookmark and an elastic to keep it closed. The cover is a whimsical alien pattern. 

The second book is made from a Van Halen cassette. I love making cassette books, but I'm picky about which albums I use, so I don't make as many as I'd like. 

On top are two mini books. These are a great way to use up small scraps of materials that would otherwise be thrown away. I hate wasting anything, especially paper.

♥ Jessica


  1. These all look so cute! I would love to learn how to book bind. It is still on my to do list :)



  2. these are great! I have been wanted to make some of these for awhile!!!