More Fun With Caffenol

As I have mentioned before (here and here), I have a ton of Kentmere 400 film (because it is SO cheap) but I haven't been happy with the extremely coarse grain. I think I finally found a combination of exposure and developing that gives me the grain size I like. The pictures above were shot with the camera set at 320 instead of 400 for metering. I developed them according to the Caffenol-C-L recipe which is as follows:
1000ml room temperature water
16g washing soda
10g Vitamin C powder
10g Iodized salt
40g instant coffee

Presoak for 5 minutes. Agitate for the first 30 seconds after adding developer. Let sit for 70 minutes (including the 30 seconds above). Rinse and fix normally.

I know what you are thinking, "70 minutes!" But it's easy because you don't agitate after the first 30 seconds, just set it up and ignore it until you hear the timer go off. I'm definitely pleased with the results and I'm looking forward to shooting the rest of my 100' roll of Kentmere 400.

(FYI I use the website and the Flickr Caffenol group discussions to do a lot of my research.) 

♥ Jessica


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