Work Day

When I first started making teapots I did not enjoy making them at all. When making a teapot you need to have all the parts; spout, handle, lid, and body, line up correctly or your teapot will not work. I found it very frustrating and stopped making them until my mother sent me a mini teapot. It inspired me to make mini teapots. I love making a 4inch tall teapot! I don't use them for tea, even though I love tea. I use them for soy sauce and salad dressing. I love how cute they are. I throw the body and the spout of the teapot at the potter's wheel. Next, I roll out four spheres for the feet. Next, I roll out a coil for the handle. Lastly, I roll out a mini coil for the lid. I assemble all the parts at a table. Enjoy! Sarah


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