Book Review

After graduating high school, I was looking for a new place to create ceramics. My sister recommended a place called the Brookfield Craft Center and that is where I met my second ceramic teacher Kristin Muller. Kristin was a strong, encouraging and nuturing teacher. She encouraged and helped me build a portfolio of my work. It was a great time working in this studio and I was pleasantly surprised when I was browsing the art section in a bookstore and saw she had written a book. The name of her book is The Potter's Complete Studio Handbook The Essential, Start-to-Finish Guide for Ceramic Artists by Kristin Muller & Jeff Zamek. Link to Purchase Book The book is layed out beautifully with all color photos.
 It is a great book for beginners and advanced students. My favorite chapters are how to set up your studio, beginning wheel projects and intermediate wheel projects. She gives good sound advice on safety considerations when setting up your studio. The wheel project chapters bring me back to when I was learning from Kristin. She is good at explaining step-by-step how to make functional ceramics at the potter's wheels. The pictures compliment the words and are easy to follow along. I am so happy for Kristin and so glad she was in my life to share all of her knowledge. Sarah


  1. I wonder if Tom has this book, if not sounds like a great gift for a potter!

    1. I haven't heard him talk about it, but you should get it for him for a gift!