Cassette Journals


The most popular type of journal I make are these cassette books. I find old cassettes and turn the liner notes into journals. They fit snugly back into the plastic case, thoroughly hiding their secret new purpose. 

The problem is finding good cassettes. Lately, they haven't been as available as they used to. I guess people learned that they don't really sell at tag sales or thrift shops, and they ended up in the trash. Either that, or maybe some avid cassette collectors have snatched up all the good ones to keep in the giant tape collection they have housed in their basement. 

The other problem is that I have amassed quite a collection of my own. I use the liner notes and cases, but I still have the actual cassettes. It feels wasteful to throw them away, so I keep them. What for? I have no idea. Perhaps I will come up with a use for them someday (vague images of an 80s themed party are floating through my head). 

♥ Jessica


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