Studio Time Making Some Plates

This week I focused on plates. I find plates challenging to make. To flatten the clay perfectly round is difficult to do. Here are the steps I took to make a plate.
First I centered the clay . To center clay you must ground yourself by pressing your arm into your thigh. When centering you must use your whole body.

Next, I opened up the sink hole. I supported the clay with one hand while the other opened up the clay.

Next, I created the sides of the plates. Here I am slowly guiding the clay outward so not to knock it off center.

Next, I am defining a lip on my plate. I like plates that have an edge to it so my food does not go all over the table.

Here I am trimming excess clay off the bottom. When the plate is leatherhard I will continue to trim the bottom of the plate.

Here is the final piece in the wet stage. I will post the rest of the process soon.
Thanks for reading!


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