Don't take my word for it...

I recently wanted to follow up with friends, family and customers on how they use my pottery in their homes. On today's post, we are featuring Melissa Budzak. Hear what she has to say about my pottery in her home.

My two favorite pieces of Sarah's pottery are a mug and a jug. First of, the mug is hands down the best-sized coffee cup we have. With a husband as a ceramic artist(Tom Budzak's Ceramics)we have quite the collection of mugs, but morning after morning I find myself going for this one from Sarah. It fits my drink (I brew up to the 3 cup line and add a splash of skim) and the handle is thin but sturdy.

The jug we have is equally nice, but is just used for display in our ceramic art case. Though maybe I should start drinking whiskey out of it? At first glance it's a brown glaze, but up close there is a really nice red and green color variation. It definitely adds to our collection.

Thanks Melissa for being a guest writer on theycalluscrafty.


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