Empty Bowls Part Two 2013

After making all the bowls last weekend, the following weekend we glazed them. It was 35 degrees out which is cold for Arizona. Since it is typically warm out ,our glazing area is outside. Therefore, that is why we tried our best to bundle up, the worst part was freezing fingers. Besides it being cold it was fun selecting glazes. We talked about when you are not glazing a piece of pottery for yourself you are more free to select combinations of glazes you wouldn't normally pick. Meaning you are not attached to the piece.Then when they come out of the kiln they are gorgeous and you can't keep them because you are donating them to a good cause.
Connie waxing and cleaning the bowls.
Mayra waxing the bowls.

Glazing the bowls.

Annie cleaning excess glaze off the bottom of the bowls.

Gary carefully glazing a bowl.

Please come out and support Empty Bowls February 22 at 6th street park and February 23 at Tempe Library Complex. Both days 11-2. Check out more info at Tempe Empty Bowls


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