Crafting Afternoon at The Budzak's

This past Sunday, December ninth my friend Melissa hosted a fun crafting afternoon at her home. We enjoyed yummy food and then crafted ceramic mugs, containers, and boxes. The ceramic studio was so nice because she opened the garage door and we could enjoy the lovely weather while making beautiful ceramic pieces.
Here is the master teacher Melissa showing Wendy how to build her box.

I decided to make some hand-built mugs. I typically throw mugs at the potter's wheel so this was a little out of my comfort zone.

Thank-you so much to Melissa for hosting a fabulous ceramic crafting afternoon. I had so much fun hanging out and doing something I love.


  1. You forgot to mention this was a meeting of the Phoenix United Crafter Society-the PHUCS :) Check us out at or on FaceBook groups under PHUCS. We may not be the most organized craft group, but we're the most fun

  2. oh wow those turned out great! :) way to go!