4 Simple Goals I reached the final one!!!!

At A Beautiful Mess the readers were asked to set 4 simple goals before 2012 is over. Well, I have reached my final goal. Yah!
My fourth goal is to experiement with new glaze combinations. I am always scared to do this because I know by now what looks good together. Well, I am happy with some and some not so much. You be the judge.

I love the way this combination turned out. It is satin black with oasis blue.

On this bowl, I decided to put hunter green on the inside but on the outside I decided to use the kiln brick to add texture to the clay and not put any glaze on it. Some of these turned out really nice some not so much. What do you think?

This one I decided to add glaze by flicking it on with a paint brush. I am happy with the result.

On this bowl I added hunter green to the whole bowl and then dipped the rim on cranberry. This combination looks good on a light color clay body.

On this last bowl was the worst experiment. I hate how this one turned out. It is celedon with carmel flicked on. Ugh!
This is what happens when you play around with glazes. Sometimes you get some happy surprises sometimes you get terrible results.


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