Functional Pottery Book Review

One of my favorite reference books is Functional Pottery by Robin Hopper. I have been using this book since my college days. I love Chapter Seven; Pots and Anatomy. Mr. Hopper makes me think about how pottery, that is made to be used, needs to physically feel good in the person's hands.Key questions to ask yourself when making a pot according to Mr. Hopper are:
1) Are the top rims and the edges of the handles sharp or rough?
2) Is the curvature at the top of a drinking vessel suitable for drinking from?
3) Is the shape suitable to be held?
4) Does the handle have enough room for fingers?
5) Is it balanced?
6) Does the object get too hot to hold?
7) Does the sound or texture of the pot aggravate the user?
As a ceramic artist I am making art that will be used by many and I need to always remind myself of these key questions. All people are different, so if I am making something specifically for someone I like to talk to them first about their personal preferences.
1) Do you like a thin or thick lip on a cup?
2) Do you like to put all your fingers in the handle when holding a mug?
3) What do you intend to use this piece of ceramics for?
4) What color scheme do you like?
If you would like to purchase Robin Hopper's book click here Functional Pottery 


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