Upcycled Journals

I bound another ceramic book this week. I love the shape of this one. 

I decided to try bookbinding "assembly line" style. I collected up all the paper I wanted to use for this particular type of book, then trimmed and folded the signatures all at once. I figured out that I had enough signatures for seven books, so I sewed and glued them next. Finally I started covering them. I finished covering three last night. 

I think I will call these "upcycled" journals. They are made from leftover papers like notepads with only a few pages left, and other random papers that tend to collect in a home office or craft room. I even mixed in a few vintage magazine and book pages for fun. As much as I like a nice clean art paper journal, I find these really unique and a good use of paper that would otherwise go to waste.

♥ Jessica


  1. You have been so busy! I love the upcycled journals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!