Goal Number Two Achieved!

Jessica and I participated in The Beauitful Mess A Beautiful Mess challenge of setting Four Simple Goals before 2012 is over with. I have achieved another one of my goals. Goal number two was to discover a new ceramic artist. When I was visiting Connecticut I explored one of my favorite cities, New Haven. I lived here for a year and enjoyed getting tea,walking the streets and visiting the many boutiques in the downtown area.
While visiting a shop I spotted some ceramics I love!

The name of her company is Bella Joy Pottery. I visited her website Bella Joy Pottery and found about the ceramic artist behind the name. Her name is Heidi Fahrenbacher and she lives in Michigan. She works out of a refurbished chicken coop and her studio is absolutely amazing.

I am attracted to her work because of the bright colors and fun drawings on her ceramics. It reflects how I see myself as a person. I would love to explore the use of underglaze pencils that she uses on her pottery.
I love to see other women artist's working passionately in clay! Finding a new ceramic artist's to admire only inspires me to continue with my passion in clay.



  1. Claire's! I love that last picture. You look like you are having so much fun. ha ha.

  2. Aw! Thank you for kind words! Underglaze pencils are so much fun, I highly recommend them.

  3. Thank you Heidi for doing what you do!