Rebound: Life Drawing

 When I was in Middle School I decided I wanted to learn to draw. Having artist parents meant that
I already had a solid foundation in the basics, but I wanted to be able to draw people. One of my 
parents gave me their copy of Constructive Anatomy by George B. Bridgeman, and I proceeded to 
copy every drawing in the book. This book was the most valuable drawing resource I have ever 
come across.

As you can see (despite the crappy picture), my copy is well loved. When I got it, the cover had
 been taped and the pages were brittle with several falling out. Every owner of this book 
(my parents got it second hand) had taped and mended it little by little through the years. 

This weekend I was at a used book sale and I found this copy of Life Drawing by George Bridgeman.
 Again, this is a well loved book. The previous owner had taped the cover back on, and taped in several
pages with thick masking tape.

 Since this book is a hardcover with sewn signatures, I decided to re-bind it. I removed the masking
tape, which peeled off easily due to its age, and repaired all the torn pages. 

I then removed the signatures which were in good shape and didn't need re-sewing.
I covered the original cover in textured green paper, leaving a hole cut-out for the center drawing.
I would have done the same with the title, but the glue from the masking tape stained part of it. I decided
it looks good without a title. 

I re-attached the signatures to the newly beautified cover, using a brown textured paper for the end-papers.

I like that this book was worn out. It means that, like my copy of Constructive Anatomy, this book
was valued and used often. 

If you are interested in books by this artist, they are still in print and you can order them from Amazon (or your local independent bookseller).

♥ Jessica