Book Review

I love children's books. Even as an adult I still read children's books. One of my favorite books is A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. It is a great book for anyone interested in clay. It is about a young orphan named Tree Ear. Tree Ear has admired the work of the potter's of the town he lives in his whole life. He accidently breaks one of Min's, one of the most amazing potter's of the town, pottery. He must pay back his debt for breaking the pot, but it is he who is rewarded with learning what it takes to be a potter. The story takes place in Korea and focuses on making pottery with celadon glazes. Celadon glazes have been admired for centuries and it was great to read about in a fictional story. I love how Park interwines the story of a boy who is so eager to learn and how clay can teach one to be patient.


  1. I have always meant to ask if you have read this book. When I read it I thought of you! I knew you would like it.