I Heart Tucson

Matt and I ventured down to Tucson for a celebration of Matt's birthday and our anniversary. We both love Tucson and always have a great time. We visited a great gallery in the Tucson train station.Obsidian Gallery

The gallery has a nice layout. The remodel of the train station is amazing. They kept many of the old features: doors and windows. Tucson really knows how to restore old buildings. I love the tiny details of the past mixed with the present.

I love how playful Max's ceramic pieces are. They are fun creatures with bright colors. They always make me so happy to look at them. Check out his website Max Lehman's

Matt really enjoyed this ceramic artist. I was impressed with his craftsmanship. I like how his work looks intricate, mechanical and delicate. Gerard Ferrari

Goodbye Tucson, we love you!!!!! See you soon.


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